“Little John” Emery was a famous Fla. Keys flats guide in the 1970s, 1980s. He was known for his fishing skills and innovations as well as his personality. He was beloved.

He invented and perfected one of the most popular fly reels for large tarpon. The Emery reels became highly sought after, especially in the Homosassa area where the largest tarpon in the world were being caught on fly…fish so big and nasty they routinely shattered fly rods and blew up fly reels. Little John’s reel was manufactured out of machined bar stock, with an ultra-smooth cork/disc drag system. World record anglers such as Tom Evans, Stu Apte and others caught huge tarpon with the Emery reel. The reels were famous for being bullet proof and they held up under extreme stress. Only a few were made and they remain rare. I have owned this reel since the 1990s. It has never been fished by me and is in pristine condition. It is stamped with serial # 079 making it part of the early run of Emery reels, featuring the three-rivet, dovetail reel seat. This model is direct drive, right hand retrieve, 4 1/4″ diameter, 13.70 oz. Holds 400+ yards 30# backing.

I am offering this reel to my website readers exclusively before I put it up for sale online. The price is $1200. If you are interested in this fine reel, please email me at: rbdowntown@3rivers.net. It comes with free shipping to the lower 48 states and my personal money back guarantee. You will love this reel. It is in near-mint condition.

Own a piece of tarpon fly fishing history! Thank you…RB

Capt. John Emery & unknown angler. Photo by Randy Brown shot from Jose Wejebe’s skiff with Stu Apte aboard.

April 1983, Boca Grande Key, Fl. Keys