4-25…2019. Hebgen Release Over Twice Normal Size

With Hebgen Lake brimming at the top, the flow release at the dam has reached 1890cfs which is more than twice the historical median flow of 800cfs for this time in April. And spring snowmelt/runoff is just getting started. Gonna be lots of water this year!

April Bull Trout.

A fine bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) caught by “Gangsta Kay” Armstrong fishing in Western Montana last week with Dirty Mike Elliott, Discover Montana Outfitting. Released alive and swam away unharmed. Beauty!...

4/17…2019. Eight bows in a row.

Caught eight nice rainbows from 13 to 16 inches all in the same spot… bright, healthy fish full of fight. Hot flies were the dark stone, blood leech and squirmy worm. It was a good day.