Fishing wet flies is considered playing dirty by many…going to the “dark side”, “chumming”, “cheating”, “bait fishing”, etc. I’m here to tell you they are all wrong. Fishing wet can be more fun than a pillow fight with teenage girls…lets start at the top and work our way down. First you need a bobber. Bobbers come in all shapes and sizes: plastic, rubber, balsa, cotton, wool, cork, peach fuzz, hair balls, sheep shag, elk scrotum, moose mane, cat whiskers, bunny fur, cow flop, etc…small, medium, jumbo, magnum, super magnum, mega magnum and whoppers with cheese…and the color choices are endless: flame red, blaze orange, hot pink, chartreuse, baby burp green, Georgia peach,  neon, solid gold, platinum,  deep purple, purple haze, smoke on the water, flashabou, caribou, malibu, hullabaloo…and don’t forget to weight ’em down to get deep where the big boys sleep with bead eyes, bug eyes, bloodshot eyes, split shot, buckshot, punkin’ balls, lead slugs, copper balls, or anything made of nickel-steel, tungsten, titanium, plutonium or kryptonite. You can use one dropper, two droppers, three droppers or panty droppers with sinker up, sinker down, or better yet take it way downtown…the possibilities are endless. And when you hook up with Old Henry or Walter it’ll give you that special feeling…like laying on the floor staring at the ceiling listening to Led Zep in one speaker with Cream playing “White Room” in the other. Like I said, fishing wet is a “Whole Lotta Fun.”