tebowing   Tim Tebow…everyone’s a buzzin’ about his tremendous accomplishments against incredible odds…his positive attitude…unflappable faith…a worker of miracles, almost. 

 I got to thinkin’, man, what if I could put some of this mojo out there towards my fishing…what a hero I could be! So today, before my trip out of Hawk’s Cay Marina at Duck Key, I decided to try a little “Tebowing” of my own.

  As I ran out to the Tripod Bank area with my anglers I did not know what to expect…just a couple of guys on a fun half-day fishing trip taking a break from their business meeting at Hawk’s Cay. When I got to my spot and watched them cast, I had a sinking feeling…it was like having the Helen Keller twins in my boat…one guy couldn’t cast, the other couldn’t see. These guys had just two chances to catch a fish, Slim and None… and Slim just left town. Then all of a sudden, it happened…the seas parted…the waves calmed down…the fish started jumping…and it was game on, Lord have mercy, hallelujah!, miracles do happen. Fish started biting, reels started singing, anglers began rejoicing…and we started hauling ’em in. When the smoke cleared, the final tally looked like this: 15 Spanish mackerel, 12 mangrove snapper, 6 spotted sea trout, 5 assorted jackfish, 4 ladyfish, 3 Florida pompano, 2 redfish, 2 sharks, 2 puffer fish, 1 remora and numerous, various miscellaneous species. Not bad for a half-day fishing trip! SPANISH_MACKEREL

   So this Tebow thing…I tell ya, there’s something there. I’m tempted to use it on every fishing trip but I don’t want to jinx myself. I’m thinking if I pick my spots, use it sparingly and keep using my good left knee to kneel…who knows? Bring me your sick, your infirm, your great unwashed…I’m confident they can be healed.

“Cast thy bread upon the waters; for you shall find it after many days”…Eccl. 11:1phpXBFG2CAM