My 1970s fly box for the Rogue River


    Spent a lot of time on the Rogue River in the 1970s…chasing steelhead up and down…staying in Gold Beach, Oregon. One of the fun sidelights was cruising the estuary where the Rogue fanned out into the ocean. Putted around in a little skiff looking for “dimples”…sea run cutthroat trout feeding on the surface. We would motor up, shut down, and drift into the spot…then chuck our Coachman wet flies out there with our fiberglass fly rods and Pfleuger Medalist fly reels. The take was vicious and these fish pulled hard! A dozen or so cutts on a calm morning or evening was pretty standard. And they grilled up real tasty!


           Sea run cutthroat trout on the fly…Randy Brown, Gold Beach, Or., 1973