NorthWestern Energy Corp. based in Butte, America, Montana, has purchased the Hebgen Dam and ten other Montana dams including Ennis Dam for $900 million bucks. I will bet (hope) the Hebgen Dam gets fixed pretty quick now that we have a Montana based company in charge instead of one 2700 miles away in Pennsylvania.NW_Energy_buys_Hebgen


  Many have scratched their heads over why it hs taken so long for a huge energy company like PP&L to repair the Hebgen Dam. Now we know. Why invest money in a project when you know it will be sold…change hands? So just slack off…let the new owners worry about it. Let all the flower sniffers, tree huggers and trout lovers squirm…screw ’em. 

   It’s been five, long, non-productive years of inaction at Hebgen with PP&L in charge. Let’s hope this is good news for the Madison River!Butte_uptown


PS…the brand new Northwestern Energy World Headquarters will break ground in a new city block building right across the street from the M&M Bar in Butte. Can’t wait for the three martini Power Lunches!