Hans Figi…what a short, strange trip it has been. hans_figi

   Mr. Figi, who was hired as the new Exec. Dir. of the non-profit Madison River Foundation after former Dir. Richard Lessner suddenly resigned/retired/quit/ in Aug. of last year, has left his post at the Foundation after only four months.

    This is not good news for the Foundation which has been searching for leadership and floundering for an identity. And when you have a for-profit fly shop making shameless self-promoting Facebook posts on a non-profit Facebook Page it kinda begs the crediblity question.

   I don’t know squat about how to run a non-profit. But if you are going to ask people for their money to help a cause, at least try to make it look you are not being bought, sold or owned by a particular for-profit business, individual or corporation.

   And now we read Mr. Lessner has suddenly “un-resigned” and “un-retired”. Huh?


    The Madison River Foundation has some serious crediblity issues. For the sake of the river, let’s hope they get their act together soon.


   PS…suggestion…don’t have your next Board Meeting at the Sun West Gated Subdivision.sun_west_sign_2