Trying to save arctic grayling from extinction.

Upper_Big_Hole_Valley_1                              Upper Big Hole Valley, Montana

    Much of the grayling work is being done in Red Rock Creek in the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Centennial Valey, Montana 



                  Grayling shock crew on Red Rock Creek, Centnnial Valley.

   Coffee talk…sometimes known as bar talk, chit-chat, BS, etc. Some of the best ideas and concepts come from small talk, which grows into larger, more serious talk, which becomes a reality put into action. The recent move by the Feds to NOT place the Arctic grayling on the Endangered Species list has allowed the grass roots movement to protect the grayling initiated by Mt. FWP, local ranchers, The Big Hole River Foundation and others to continue uninhibited without big government meddling. Don’t most of the sensible conservation ideas come from the grass roots?


   I think so and I hope so.


      Madison River grayling photo by Randy Brown, Channels section, 1981.