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   “The Madison River Foundation’s Board of Directors today announced that Liz Jacques has been hired as the organization’s new Executive Director. Ms. Jacques succeeds C. Hans Figi who resigned in July to pursue other opportunities.

Ms. Jacques currently teaches science in Waycross, GA and serves on the Board of Directors of the Satilla River Alliance, a non-profit conservation organization based in Woodbine, Georgia.

Ms. Jacques, however, has longtime ties to the Madison River Valley dating from the 1970s and has owned a home in Ennis since 2003. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from the University of Georgia and a Master’s of Education from Valdosta State University.”




    The Snag Hole wishes Ms. Jacques all the best success. What a great first step it would be for her and the Foundation to work with the O’Dell Ck/Granger Ranch to restore the original Madison River/O’Dell Ck. Outlet tributary that was unfortunately altered, filled in, blocked off and dammed several years ago. DSCN4626

  Dam dug with backhoe plugging up O’Dell Ck. tributary to Madison River on the East bank above Burnt Tree Access with dirt road built across the top. The “KEEP OUT” sign sits right next to a former tributary of the Madison River.



Dried up stream bed from dam of Madison River tributary on O’Dell Ck Ranch 



 A Madison River tributary used to run through it before Granger Ranch blocked it off and dried it up.


   Great to see someone with longtime ties to the Madison River Valley in charge…and what a great opportunity for her and the Foundation to act on behalf of the Madison River!