Time to recognize the noteworthy people, places and events in the fly fishing world, the Madison Valley and Ennis, Montana… THE FUZZY BUNNY AWARDSfuzzy_bunny FLY OF THE YEAR: The RB Bunny. The Dark Side never looked brighter on a #4 hook.rb_bunny_edit RIVER OF THE YEAR: The Madison..producing year after year against incredible odds and the Invasion of the Bozemanite Barbarian Hordes. MOST FLIES UNDER ONE ROOF AWARD: Dan and Nancy Delekta’s Beartooth Fly Shop. Best fly selection I’ve ever seen…anywhere. BEST DRY FLY FISHING GUIDE: Dave Scully, no contest. BEST OUTFITTER TO GUIDE FOR: Mike Treloar/ River Borne Outfitters…Rainbow Valley Lodge.treloar_big_bow_2_001 BEST FISHING OUTFITTER TAG TEAM TANDEM DUO KEEPING IT ALL TOGETHER HOW DO THEY DO IT? AWARD: Chris and Julie Eaton, Madison Valley Ranch.  BEST CHEESEBURGER, CHEESEBURGER, CHEESEBURGER, AWARD: Gravel Bar.gravel_bar HOTTEST BARTENDER AWARD (tie): Marie Clark/Silver Dollar, Carey Croy/Sportsman’s Lodge. BEST DRIVE THRU MONEY PIT: First Madison Valley Bank $$$$$. BIGGEST CLUSTERFUCK SALMON FLY HATCH AWARD: McAtee and Varney parking lots. FRIENDLIEST FLY SHOP GUY AWARD: John Way/The Tackle Shop, Ennis. (He also serves a great hot dog with spicy brown mustard). NASTIEST OUTHOUSE AWARD: Ennis Campground….did somebody die in there? NICEST OUTHOUSE AWARD: Ennis Lions Club Park…pristine! GUIDE MEETING OF THE DECADE FIGJAM AWARD:bert__rbguide_pic_8-3-15_004 Mike Treloar, Randy Brown, Brandon Struckman, “Dirty Mike” Elliott                              FIGJAM = “F**K I’M GOOD JUST ASK ME” ZEN MISTRESS SOUL SISTER VOODOO CHILD AWARD: Carmen Smith/Norris Bar.peace UNSUNG HERO AWARD: All the shuttle drivers workin’ it hard. CHUCKHOLE(S) OF THE YEAR AWARD: Ennis Post Office. FLYFISHER, HORN HUNTER, ELK TRACKER, SPIKE CAMPER, CALF ROPER, MULE SKINNER, PICKER AND GRINNER AWARD: “Dirty Mike” Elliott, Discover Montana Outfitting.dirty_mike__the_chief_edit PRIVATE FLY FISHING RANCH MANAGER OF THE YEAR AWARD: Mike Actinson/Channels Ranch. STUPID HUMANS CAUGHT ON TAPE AWARD: Yellowstone National Park. DISAPPEARING ACT OF THE YEAR AWARD: Madison River Recreation Plan. GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, MOST NUMBER OF TURKEY SANDWICHES MADE IN ONE YEAR AWARD: Madison Foods Deli. Dagwood-Sandwich MILKSHAKE OF THE YEAR: Yesterday’s Soda Fountain, Ennis. MOST KNOWLEDGE OF OTHER RIVERS TO FISH AWARD: Eric Shores. COOLEST PLACE TO VISIT IN ENNIS: Lions Club Park. BEST PLACE TO FISH AFTER MIDNIGHT: Lions Club Park kids pond. HARDEST WORKING FISHING GUIDE: Todd France (by far). BEST NEW FISHING GUIDE:  I can’t think of any. “SIMPLY THE BEST” award: Shedhorn Sports, Ennis, Mt. Nobody does it better. shedhorn_gun_show_edit BEST FISHING CLIENTS: Mine. STILLWATER FLYFISHER OF THE YEAR: Ed Schroeder (nobody else comes close). HAPPIEST FISHING GUIDE: Brandon Struckman. BEST FOURTH OF JULY PARADE AWARD: Ennis, Montana. Just gets better and better! UNSOLVED MYSTERY AWARD: Madison County Sheriff’s Dept.sportsmans_crime_scene SHELL GAME OF THE DECADE AWARD: Madison River Foundation SPECIAL SERVICE AWARD: Dave Kumlien/Montana Troutfitters. BEST COFFEE: on_the_fly BEST SCENIC FLOAT: Lyon Bridge to Palisades. BEST BIKINI HATCH: Warm Springs to Black’s Ford. BEST FISHING SPOT WITHIN TEN FEET OF THE BOAT RAMP: Windy Point. MOST POPULAR THROW A STICK FOR YOUR DOG SPOT: Ennis Campground boat ramp. “WE DO IT RIGHT” AWARD: Ennis RV Village. First class operation all the way. IN MEMORIUM: Leon Homer Thexton “I got ahold of some bad tobacco.” leon_rb_001_edit_crop_close_up                       “You have to look deeper, way below the anger, the hurt, the hate, the jealousy, the self-pity, way down deeper where the dreams lie, son. Find your dream. It’s the pursuit of the dream that heals you”… …Billy Mills, Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Pine Ridge, South Dakota  Olympic Champion, Gold Medal winner                WALK THE EARTH…RBMF 2018