Had a good two days fishing with Tommy and Briar using mainly the large, black rubber legs in #4 and #6. We would hit hot spots where we would catch four or five fish in a row, then slow down, then another hot spot. We fished the Palisades to Storey Ditch stretch and then McAtee to Burnt Tree. Water clarity is very good.

The river flows are down considerably with the Hebgen release @ 822cfs, West Fork @ 1250 and Varney @ 1940. Water temps from mid 40s to mid 50s. 55 DEGREES IS THE KEY WATER TEMP TO TRIGGER SALMON FLY NYMPH MOVEMENT.

Madison flows at Varney dropping.

I have found that hitting hot spots is common pre-salmon fly hatch. Fish will start bunching up in areas of heavier salmon fly nymph concentration. These areas have remained fairly predictable through the years. With hot weather on the way I expect salmon flies within a week.