This is what happens when greed overcomes common sense. This garter snake was hungry but its appetite overtook its well being. It became consumed by hunger to the point of taking way too big of a bite. And now it is choking on its own greed. This snake has the sculpin wedged in past the point of regurgitation…there is no way out…it is committed to the point of choking and gagging and eventually suffocating. The sculpin was rancid and toxic and had been dead for at least two days.

Can humans learn a lesson from this snake? Do we think we can just move our greed into the natural world and dig holes, gouge, rearrange and try to swallow up everything in sight? Tear down and consume a small Western town? Buy everything? Own everything? Swallow everything? More, more, more?

For what purpose? To BE somebody?

At what point do we gag and choke because of greed? Or does it matter? Or does anybody really care?

I wonder if this snake is trying to tell us something?