At the FWP Commission meeting today in Helena it was hard to find a seat. Commissioners were presented with petitions, and heard public comments… WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE?

Michael Wright wrote a summary for the Bozeman Chronicle. Read the article here:

To quote Johnny Cash: “Well, the one on the right was on the left
And the one in the middle was on the right
And the one on the left was in the middle
And the guy in the rear was a…”fishing guide?”…”subdivision dweller?”…”tree hugger?”…”trust funder?”…”can stacker?”…”baby kisser?”…”bus driver?”
“meat cutter?”…”herbalist?”“bean counter?”…”dog trainer?’…”bird lover?”

Just a whole bunch of folks stuffed into a hot room looking for answers. Not today, people. The best suggestion was to install a traffic cop at the boat ramps during the busy times. You know, to keep things moving and break up fights. I like this idea. Kind of like a Wal Mart greeter but with some balls. Dress up in olive drab with logos and arm bands…carry one of those electronic deals they use to keep the cows moving. “Don’t taze me bro!” Then zap ’em if they move too slow.

The biggest thing I learned today was something I already knew…too many people…all over the place…hangin’ from the bushes…cruisin’ down the highway…floatin’ down the river…everywhere.

Good luck with that.