On July 15, 1984, Kari Swenson, an Olympic biathlete was kidnapped and shot in the mountains near Big Sky Ski Resort and a member of her search party was murdered. You can read a summary here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kari_Swenson

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It was a huge local story around Ennis, especially for me since I was familiar with the Ulreys Lakes area where she was abducted, having hiked and bow hunted around there quite a bit. In those days, the timber company was logging in there and had built several roads and skid trails in and around Ulreys Lakes, so access was easily available to the public. The abduction took place in Madison County but was right next to the Gallatin County line so law enforcement and search and rescue from both counties got involved, including local Ennis folks like Robin Shipman, Steve Powell, Dave Schenk and Sheriff Johnny France

Recently, The Billings Gazette has reprinted some headlines from the story, beginning with the kidnapping and ending with the trial and conviction of Don and Dan Nichols, the kidnappers. Here are the headlines: