You can see the latest release at the Hebgen Dam is 622cfs, which is quite a bit below “normal”. The reason, of course is to hold back enough water to fill Hebgen reservoir near the brim to insure good flows down stream during the summer months for the power plants, irrigation needs and recreation. 622 is a low number, but we have good flows at the Kirby gauge (West Fork) and Varney. How come?

If you have floated the river lately, you have seen the main feeder tributaries to the Madison rockin’ and rollin’. Squaw and Standard Creek, Moose and Wolf Creek, Indian and Jack Creek all are gushing water and it is relatively clear water. This is a good situation for the river and the fish.

So even though Hebgen is locked down the Madison has good flows. Good flows mean healthy fish. And that’s a good thing!