From the Butte Standard today:

Brown trout crisis

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Brown trout crisis

Pure and Simple: The article about Brown Trout in Crisis is outstanding journalism.

This story needed to be told so everyone can contribute to protecting the Brown trout starting now and moving into the future of increased angling pressure on our rivers and streams.

Thanks to the Editor of the Montana Standard, David McCumber, for putting this front and center where it belongs. If we are going to sustain our wild fisheries, decisions need to be made on an emergency basis in order to protect this incredibly valuable resource. This is an opportunity for the FWP commission to show they are paying attention and make some decisions in favor of protecting the trout.

Hank Worsech, the new FWP director, recently stated that he wanted the department to become more decisive moving forward as a sign of integrity. Here is a great opportunity, Hank. Please institute catch and release for Brown Trout on the entire Big Hole system and come up with several test sections for closures during spawning time in the fall.

These kinds of decisions are simply showing respect for the resource and may become a necessity on all wild fisheries as the angling pressure increases. Let’s not forget, the fish in the river are a gift, and let’s try to show our gratitude by implementing some sensible restrictions and seasonal closures.

Paul Siddoway, Butte