I have developed a sub-surface pattern that might rescue your fishing day when all else fails and you are in desperation mode…the Flash Gordon. It is kind of a Hare’s Ear/Pheasant Tail/Prince Nymph hybrid combining the best of all three. It can be used for standard riffle-pool fishing and is easily adapted for deeper water Euro nymphing. Here goes:

Hook: Mustad S82-3906B #14, 16, 18. Use the Gamakatsu J20 jig nymph hook #14, 16 for Euro patterns.

Bead: Hareline Cyclops 1/8″ nickel. Use slotted tungsten bead for Euro patterns..

Tail: Lemon wood duck

Rib: fine gold wire

Body: dubbed Borden Hare-Tron dark dun, or Hareline Dazzle Hare’s Ear Dark Dun #051.

Wing case: Rainey’s Pearlescent wing ribbon, cut to size.

Throat: Hungarian partridge fibers.

Top wing: Krystal Flash Pearl

Head: peacock herl.

Next time you are almost skunked…Flash Gordon to the rescue!