We toured and trekked and tromped all over…saw some very cool birds…found some really nice spots:

Lee’s Ferry, Catalina SP, Tucson Desert Art Museum, Mt. Lemon Hwy., Patagonia Lake SP, Wilcox, Chiricahua Mtns. Rodeo, NM, Cave Ck/Portal, AZ. Bird photos are stock.

Catalina: Black-throated sparrow, Gambel’s quail, rufous-winged sparrow, verdin, ash-throated flycatcher (life bird), white-winged dove, canyon towhee, pyrrhuloxia, green-tailed towhee, Scott’s oriole (life bird).

Scott’s oriole, Catalina SP, AZ.

Patagonia area including Sonoita Nature Preserve: Bewick’s wren, Lucy’s warbler (life bird), Cassin’s kingbird, Say’s phoebe, Bell’s vireo, painted restart (life bird), olive warbler, broad-billed hummingbird (life bird). vermillion flycatcher, pied-billed grebe, bridled titmouse, curve-billed thrasher, ruby-crowned kinglet, MacGillivray’s warbler, lesser goldfinch, Bullock’s oriole, least sandpiper, wild turkey, black phoebe, white-breasted nuthatch.

Wilcox area including San Pedro River House: Abert’s towhee, black-crowned night heron, scaled quail, cinnamon teal, ring-billed gull, shovelers, avocets, wigeons, sandhill cranes, great-blue herons sitting on eggs.

Chiricahua Mtns/Cave Ck/Portal area: acorn woodpecker, Mexican jay, Arizona woodpecker, Virginia’s warbler (life bird), chipping sparrow.

Ash-throated flycatcher, Catalina SP, AZ.
Painted redstart. Sonoita Ck. Preserve, near Patagonia, AZ.
Lucy’s warbler, Patagonia Lake, AZ.
Wild turkeys, Sonoita Ck. Preserve.
Broad-billed hummingbird, Patagonia Lake, AZ
Virginia’s warbler, Cave Ck. near Portal, AZ.
Black-crowned night herons, Wilcox, AZ….photo by Janet Bean-Dochnahl.

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