Janet and I went camping and birding at one of our favorite spots…Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge on the Montana-Idaho border. It is set in the Centennial Valley and from our campsite we can view four mountain ranges…the Centennials, Snowcrest, Gravelly and Hilgards (Madison) as well as the Upper and Lower Red Rock Lakes. We saw over fifty bird species including warbling vireo (singing on the nest), ruddy duck, Lincoln’s sparrow, trumpeter swan, MacGillivary’s warbler, willet, ring-necked duck, northern rough-winged swallow, Forster’s tern, marsh wren and 99.99% PID on black tern (life bird for both of us). NO GRIZZLY BEARS (we carried spray at all times).

Red Rocks is also known as the major breeding ground for trumpeter swans in the lower 48 states and has great spring water!

It is a welcome rest spot for many bicyclists on their long treks across the west.

The wildflowers were popping with some spectacular stands of shooting stars, balsamroot and blue lupine.

The Centennial Valley is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We hope you enjoy some of these images! RB & JD

We love Red Rocks!
The Lower Lake was truly alive with bird life including phalaropes, avocets, stilts and yellow legs
Our campsite at the Upper Lake.
Field of shooting stars at Lower Lake.
Upper Red Rock Lake.
Rock chuck colony.
Sunset at Upper Lake.
Scrabble shenanigans.
A field of balsamroot with natural beauty.
Ruddy Duck, male displaying
MacGillivary’s warbler
Lincoln’s Sparrow
Trumpeter swan.
Warbling vireo
Forster’s tern

Bird photos are stock or credited.