The Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park is Montana’s very first state park, established in 1937. The history of the caverns is a fascinating story of Montana ingenuity and daring pioneer spirit. It is a place uniquely Montana and a one-of-a kind treasure. We took the wintertime Candlelight Tour deep into the bowels of the mountain…a strangely beautiful trip into a world of natural wonder. Come on along and join us but watch your step…it’s dark down there and slippery when wet.

Headed up the mountain to the caverns entrance in below zero temps.
Looking down on the Jefferson River valley.
This fissure in the rocks shoots up steam from the heat of the caverns below and forms ice in winter. This is how early settlers discovered the caverns. You can see the pigeon flushed from his roosting spot in the cave since the temperature is a toasty 48 degrees down there!

The upper entrance to Lewis & Clark Caverns and our tour guide, Chloe.
C’mon…follow us down in there.
Cavern Christmas!
Romeo and Juliet.
Stalactites hang down. stalagmites grow up.

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