Say it loud..”I WON’T FLOAT THE UPPER MADISON FOR A WHILE”. And don’t wade it either. Don’t listen to the fly shop geeks that want to send you up to Three Dollar. Just say no!

The river is raging 2790 out of Hebgen and 4560 at Varney. It’s a mud hole. It looks like bad clam chowder served up in a sleezy greasy spoon. Don’t try the Shelton Bridge…you won’t make it. And stay away from Kelly’s, too.

These are life-changing numbers…meaning your life will change…for the worse…if you stick a toe or a paddle in the Upper Madison right now. Don’t be part of the carnage. Fish the Beaverhead…pick up a bottle of Willie’s whiskey and drive over to the Missouri…but don’t fish here.

Just say no…you will be glad you did…and you will be alive to talk about it.