Upper Madison is high and muddy…so is the Gallatin, Jefferson, Yellowstone and most other rivers in SW Montana. The Lower Madison is not bad because most of the mud from the Upper Madison settles out in Ennis Lake. Quite a few float trips are taking place on the Lower Madison, mostly from Norris to Black’s Ford (outhouses). All in all, I would call this a fairly normal year for snowpack and runoff in SW Montana.

The photo of Fan Mtn. (elev. 10,312′) above, was shot from my deck on June 7. This is our major landmark for the town of Ennis…you can see it from Main St. and most everywhere else in town. As the snow continues to melt and disappear, only three vertical slivers of snow will be left on The Fan. Usually this is an indicator of the salmon fly hatch starting on the river. The other indicators are 55 degree nighttime water temps and wild roses in bloom on the river. The water temp at Varney this morning is 50 degrees.

The weather around here has been warm and sunny with the forecast calling for daytime highs in the 70s and 80s with nighttime lows in the high 40s and low 50s.

It’s pretty out there! Walk The Earth.